I was first recommended to Cary Cucinelli by my daughter, who went to law school with her.  My daughter’s firm had occasional work with Cary, whom they considered top-notch.  I totally agree; her work is outstanding, with wills and trusts as her specialty.  After my husband’s death, I needed her help, and Cary put together a living trust, a will, an advance medical directive, a power of attorney, etc.  She explained all the legal mumbo-jumbo clearly, went over my options, and spent much time going over the what-ifs.  Cary is a great listener, she never rushed me and made sure I completely understood everything before signing.  Her work on my behalf came at a stressful time, as I was still in the throes of grief.  But working with her felt like being with one of the family.  I found her to be incredibly empathetic, patient, and caring.  Above all, I trust her judgment implicitly, and I have already recommended her to several friends.  In my opinion, she is that rare attorney who embodies integrity and competence.  She is simply the best!L.F.